About Us


The foundation was founded by Judith Onuwa who is an advocate, a christian, believer of Faith, a member of United Nation, Nurse and Mother to many.

She has a special spot for humanitarian work and passionate about The girl Child, Less Privileged, People in Need.

Also, She has compassion for people who have been victims of rape, domestic violence in general, inequality of gender, people who lack water, & food, people who are unable to get medical treatments.

Another passion that drives her compassion for people who try taking their lives, (attempted suicide), victims of bullying and many more.

People shy away from victims who have been molested by same sex and this phase is one of my areas too. I will be fighting against such societal discrimination and paving way for love to reign supreme.

She and her team came about The Foundation and how to empower people who cannot help themselves, providing educations, water, food and many more when a growing number of people in many of these categories surround her and a need to care for them arose.